Who Cares for The Kicked?

Are the fortunate

Amongst us really

Wedded to bliss?

If so,

Whom do they deceive?

They know little

Of the honey of happiness

They buy their station,

Paid for with their discontent.

What of the

Tongue tied

Or the pin toed?

Are these unfortunates

To be let slip


Down down,

Lower in

The food chain.

The love chain,

The kindness chain,

The chain chain,

Of the U bend

The S bend?

Or is the chainsawing,

Heart bleeding,

Gut wrenching,

Hollows of life

To be their fixed abode?

Their final fatal abode

Forged of destiny’s Steel?

They who are unable,

Who became the unfortunates.

By virtue of the lack of a reason.

Who ever picks them?

Who picks them up

And who changes for them?

These dense gem dullards.

Who are crowded in.

They have no wriggle room.

They carry no blame,

They are unfaltering at

Being occupiers

Of a lowly station.

Like troops of type

They tang and play,

React and pay

with their wasted lives.

Who cares for the kicked?

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson.