Love is . . .Is it?

Love is…looking into her eyes and seeing your own..

Love is…learning to run before you can walk

Love is…taking her picture without any camera.

Love is…finding a girl and discovering a friend.

Love is…saying I don’t and meaning I do.

Love is…writing a letter and meaning to post it.

Love is…telling the truth and feeling embarrassed.

Love is…asking for nothing when nothing is given.

Love is…kissing goodnight and not turning over.

Love is…giving what’s taken and taking what’s given.

Love is…finding your heart and loosing your wallet.

Love is…giving her a call then asking her address.

Love is…saying yes with your mouth full.

Love is…waking up and catching the early bus home.

Love is…breaking it off and getting back together.

Love is…getting engaged whilst remaining vacant.

Love is…telling him he looks great in your new dress.

Love is…is it?

© 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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