These are the final words of an epic poem called “In Pursuit of Passion”. It is a piece of work I wrote as a younger me.

It is a digitized image of the original type written poem. This is an example of the earlier work which I have in my papers and now intend to deliver in this blog.

© 2018 Christopher Thompson

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3 thoughts on “Epilogue

    1. Thanks again. I have never considered this. I’m a tad isolated and this vehicle is the only means I have for sharing new pieces and regurgitating some of my 40 years of papers. Regards Chris T.

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      1. I love open mics and poetry readings because they are about the spoken word; in this case, something that comes usually after the process of writing, where writing could even be considered slow speaking. As I said, I think this poem of yours is great for spoken word, at least it sounds very musical to my ears. Great job!

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