The Figures of Life: the big questions

Are the figures of life

The ticking of tock,

The greening of crimson

The hands of the clock,

The village or weapon,

The alley of death

The cart or the horseshoe

The crystal of Meth?

Are the figures of life

The religion of science,

The patterns of theorists,

The language of lies,

The hell or the bent,

The poor or the pointless,

The sky or the cosmos,

The God or the chance?

Are the figures of life

In the middle of medals,

The clinking of the PhD or

The labourers hand,

Those simple or complex,

Those joyous or livid,

Those mental or morbid,

Those taken for a ride,

Those carried or those carriers,

Their sense or their pride?

Are the figures of life

Statistics or people,

Cold or calculating,

Costly and cruel,

Servant or master,

Master or slave,

Blood beat or heartless,

Faultless and brave,

Crushed or forgiven,

Loving and saved?

Christopher Thompson (c) 2014-18