Love is Atomic

Love is not like

La tour Eiffel;

Erect, Skeletal, Windswept,

Cold, Steely.

Love doesn’t need

To be dredged up.

It is clear water,

And deep.

Love is Atomic.

It sears;

It’s got heat,

And it radiates.

Love knows it’s place

Love dips;

And love drops.

Like the hint of spring.

Love is not for everyone,

Neither is it against.

Yet love is like nitrogen

It’s in the air, everywhere.

Love is electromotive.

It sparks;

In your eyes it glows.

It is magnetic, compelling.

Love can shear hearts.

Wound then heal;

Like a knife and a thread,

Love ìs surgical.

Love can never forget.

It records;

It is like a shoe in snow,

It leaves its mark.

Love is an Anthem.

It’s melody gets into the blood;

It strings your heart,

And bows your mind.

Love is easily mistaken.

It can be robbed.

It can be sucked out.

It can be a life changer.

True love is Rare Earth.


Most are searching for it.

A few are given it.

Love has no price

But it has a cost.

Love is not for

The faint hearted.

Love shared is the rarest love.

It mixes, it emulsifies.

It is eutectic, it gives and it takes.

It is in balance, a spiritual alloy.

© 2014-18 Christopher Thompson.

3 thoughts on “Love is Atomic

    1. Thanks. Your time is precious thanks for devoting some to my piece. Each is ripped from the soul, I’m not the only one doing it, so I appreciate you reading mine. Regards Chris T.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you so much for your kindness and taking your time to write this comment! I think everyone’s time is precious and devoting time to someone’s work/ answer means respect for him and his work. So, I appreciate you writing back. Regards, Manuela.

        Liked by 1 person

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