It is interesting to consider that nothing and no one is ever complete. If the notion of completeness is accepted then compromise has occurred. Likewise there is no best, only better. Satisfaction can only be transitory and should be considered as a temporary state.  Indeed anything which is operating within a standard is in fact out of standard. This is because the Ideal can never be reached. If it is thought that the ideal has ever been achieved the results are false. What is operable today within a process can be used to stabilize the situation. The process consists of a number of contributory operations. Each operation has to be advanced towards the ideal. When improvement has been implemented, stabilization is necessary to ensure the process is functioning as good as way as can be achieved at this present time. The process has not achieved the best state possible, it can be made better. It follows that the challenge of improvement is ongoing. Todays’ standard will not be the standard of tomorrow. The process will never be complete.

This sounds abstract in relation to human relationships, however it is still true. Few feel their situation is at its zenith. In every area there is a sense that their acme is just out of reach. Some introspective thinkers look into themselves and find they are encumbered be shortcomings or self doubt. Other thinkers find they are unable to have acceptable relationships. Analysis may point to the size and root cause. Humanity asks many questions of itself. Often answers are sought from outside the physical environs.

Life is chaotic, unplanned and difficult to execute for everyone. The great uncertainty of whether the next breath is going to happen hangs in the air just here.

The idea of completeness is impossible to prove.  In this Cosmos of decay and renewal nothing is in a state of stasis therefore everything is incomplete.

Today to experience a feeling of well-being is sustenance enough to face the future with optimism. Sharing this well-being is the real challenge. The giving of yourself to others is perhaps the reason for everything. For most giving is the hardest thing to achieve in the universe.

Thanks for giving your time to these thoughts. Chris T.


© 2018 Christopher Thompson

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