The Day The Reamers Ranged 9

Episode 9

Some people have tunnel vision,
As is the case with The Chief.
Others are straight talkers,
As is the case with my partner.
Some are straight talking visionaries
As is the case with Little Luck.
Me? I'm just a case study
In some worm out old lounge suit.

It's all fine and dandy
On the third floor
At The Department.
Everything under control,
Running like a well oiled machine.
Case load manageable,
Conscientiousness at a high,
And the boys contented.
The only problem
I see with all this is,
We are on the seventh floor.

The latest fixation gripping
The Chief is this.
If the missing middle
Is not located soon
How will we be able
To reach the end?
Whilst he demanded answers
We struggled with the questions.

Was the middle not lost merely misplaced?
Did we actually need a middle?
Would it be possible
To substitute with another?
How long is the middle
We are missing?
Who noticed it gone?
What motive was there
Should the missing middle
Have actually been stolen?

What was the actual
Failure Mode?
This question came from
Little Luck.
Amid the general maelstrom
This singular voice
Penetrated the discussion
And we both turned to him.
Little Luck had our attention.
He needed to be quick,
We had a very short
Attention span.

Little Luck began with,
Let's think outside of the box.
We both made for the door
Thinking to leave the office.
He continued,
No I mean figuratively.
You two come back.
Look this is an unusual mystery
Even for The Department, right?
Heads began to nod, yes,
This made a change,
As heads normally
Were expected to roll
In this team.
Taken as a whole
Foresomething to be a whole,
We need a begining
A middle and an end.
This is the accepted Truth,
Which constitutes a whole.
We know of the beginning,
We are here.
This is a consequence
Of that beginning.
So having moved on
From that beginning
We arrive at the present,
Correct we agree.
Looking forward
And by virtue
Of past experience
And learning we know
There is an end
For each of us,
Waiting somewhere
In the the future.
(This does not necessarily endorse
The idea of the existence of a timescape)
Little luck had us hooked.
Let's begin to think about
The here and now.
Time is moving,
In fact some say
Time is movement,
Or observable movement.
What happens now,
In this instant immediately becomes
What happened then.
Here, gone, here, gone.
So it is reasonable to say
In terms of the passage of time
What was coming, arrived and is gone.
Come, here, gone in an instant.

At this point I stopped him.
We needed a coffee.
He was still the coffee king,
So off he went to get us some.
The theory being presented
To us by Little Luck would take
Some time to percolate
Through our minds.
However, upon his return,
Little Luck
Would present is with
His bombshell. . .

To be continued . . .

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson.