The Day The Rangers Ranged 8

Episode 8

The day had started
Full of weather,
Then later there was
Climate to deal with.
Each hour seemed to bring with it
Some other meteorological event.
This wasn't what was wanted.
We needed clues not clouds.
We needed facts not clowns.
The Department has a surplus
Of both clouds and clowns.

We were in the throws
Of a full blown,
Fact famine.
We were in the market for
Both fast food
And fast facts.
The Chief was ravenous,
My Partner ravenous,
Little Luck ravenous.
I was just plain nervous.

We needed to locate the missing middle.
Up on the top floor
There were people who saw
The competence of The Department
Being put in doubt.
Lord Lieberschtruch had faced
Probing questions in the House.
He didn't like sharing
Breakfast with newsmen,
Well not in his kitchenette anyway.
As we all know, it's not only
Water which flows down.

I reviewed what we had.
In a Box to the left a Beginning,
Repented by a letter B.
In a Box to the right an Ending,
Represented by letter E.
There was no Box in the middle,
We couldn't find it.
There was simply a letter M.
This represents Middle.
In summary again,
Not much.
We did however have the package
Containing the mysterious 7 minutes.
And the following cypher.
P is arrival.
R is lifespan. (This is the Anfilovian Varicule)
A is continuum of consciousness.
T is the decent to oblivious existence.
S is the sanctity of departure.

For a while I had an inkling that Little Luck
Had been working on a theory of his own.
He had listed on his application
An interest in Amateur Quantum Mechanics.
I understood this to be something connected
To Thermodynamics and Theoretical Physics.

I knew I needed to challenge him
And insist he share his thinking,
And anything he had by way of
A solution to our,
And therefore the Departments problem.
I needed to get the full picture
And fast.
I opened the drawing room,
And sketched a filling cabinet
Then having placed the objects
Into the bottom draw,
I Withdrew
And closed the drawing room.

Little Luck was later to relate his theory.
This fascinating approach
Could yet lead us to the missing middle. . .

To be continued. . .

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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