The Day The Rangers Ranged 6

Episode 6


I had spent some
Of the evening of the sixth
In reflection.
1. I needed to get a smaller a mirror.
2. I need to lose some weight
3. I wasn't going to see our elusive middle
Residing in a reversed image of my room.
Staring into a mirror had its advantages though.
You get to see your room as if it was in the past.
A bit like having eyes in the back of your head.
This must be how your mother views the world.

The simple events of this evening,
Along with Little Lucks' earlier theorising
Was of a greater significance than I knew.
In fact at the time I had no idea of the significance.

The next day passed without incident.
Incidentally it was my day off.
There was Much A Do About Nothing.
So I did just that,

This morning began as a bright
Dazzling morning.
Seems I'd slept with my curtains open,
The sun's rays were hitting my pillow.
Luckily I'd hit my pillow
Some hours before
And I was already up!

That was a close shave.
Coincidentally a close shave later,
I left the apartment
For the department.

My drive was short.
Real estate in this neighbourhood
Is Not cheap.
A 16 foot drive was long enough.

On arrival at the department
I noticed the Chief had his
Office door closed.
It would appear his door hinge
Was now fixed.
That left only the Chief
As the unhinged one
In his office.

With my partner
And Little Luck before me
I had their faces
If not their attention.
There were some really
Tough, tough, tough decisions
To be made.
These are tougher than tough, tough,
Or even tough decisions.
This briefing needed to be brief.
I was brief.
Briefing over,
It was time to get on the streets.

Little Luck was driving.
We had been diverted to the Golf Course.
We received a tip off that
Mr Nostro del Pueblo
Was enjoying a round.
We therefore needed to be
At the Gym.
As we pulled up at
Clackwirt Dingleys' downtown gym
I noticed the reflection
In the windows.
I really did need to lose
A few pounds.

To be continued. . .

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson.