The Day The Rangers Ranged 7

Episode 7

There was little more to be said.
I had simply told myself,
I would leave off some
The more heavily calorific
Items when food shopping.
Three (3) stone would simply disappear.
A phenomenon which was happening
Around these parts.
It's just mind over platter.

This train of thought
Came to an abrupt halt
As we entered the Gym.
My partner had just noticed
Mr Nostro del Pueblo getting
Into a black 1957 DeSoto Fireflite,
Which was preparing to leave.
The importance of Mr Nostro del Pueblo
To our investigations
Cannot yet be revealed.
I am reminded at this point
Of The Departmental teaching program
Especially the session on tracking of informants.
The Klanborg Essin Method came to mind.
This stipulates that Sport and Detection
Should never be mixed.
Of The Departments Forty Two Pillars
Of Counter Intelligence,
This was number thirty six.
It had been a classic error-up,
So to speak.

TV News Anchor Grant Stammerby
Was an old informant for the Department.
The Chief thought it prudent
To haul him in for a friendly chat.
Stammerby was a Newsman, an Anchorman,
Who was to say he wasn't a Middleman?
If he cracked and we could prove
Him to be a Middleman,
The Chief concluded that could be our
Missing link.
A Middleman worth his salt
Would lead is to
The missing middle.

Little Luck was assigned
To going out to buy a Sports Newspaper.
This was the Chiefs way of
Ensuring the Department
Didn't compromise
The Klanborg Essin Method
A second time in a week.

As I walked round the revolving door
At PVWKVZ News - "news every hour, for an hour", 
And revolving for the third time.
I contemplated quitting The Department.
Whenever this Notion entered my thinking
There was one compeling reason which
Always made me stay,
Two words summed it up succinctly
My Paycheck. . .

To be continued. . .

(c) Christopher Thompson