Experimental v0.1

The Day The Rangers Ranged ( Serialised in Poems as a Fuse ) is an experimental – which some might categorise it as mental – piece of episodically configured narrative poetry. It is so simple it’s complex.

In truth nonsense, but then, so are many of ourlives.

The narrator is describing events surrounding a search for a missing element of story time. The start and the end are safe. It is middle which is missing. The piece is of procrastinating style which is written in series.

The early episodes involve the narrator, his Partner, plus Little Luck and the Chief. The search is being coordinated by and through “The Department”.

The team operate with an antropic approach. Their efforts described in the form of a chaotic verse. I found this to be of benefit, as it for me, reflects the stream of consciousness.

Unlike scientific experiments there is no control, no surprises there then.

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson