The Days the Rangers Ranged 5

Episode 5

The story so far. . .
This is detailed in episodes 1 thru 4.


So far the Chief had been onside.
Our quest to find the middle
Had meant the team had grown
By thirty three percent,
Little Luck being
The third member of the team.
As the Chief had pointed out
On numerous occasions,
He wasn't seeing
A thirty three percent
Increase in results!

They say the best laid plans
Of mice and men. . .
Well it seems to me
That "they", whoever "they" are
Should be considered to be "know alls",
And who has ever seen a mouse
Carrying out it's plan?
I've seen plenty of mice
Being carried out in traps.
Better planning my little friends,
Better planning.
And an Increased effort
Towards self sufficiency.

The plan to which only I was privy,
It being my secret plan.
Had been to research any
Previous investigations
Into the whereabout
Of the elusive middle.
Twenty 2 Eight the book store
Was the chosen location
In which to conduct,
- Not in any musical sense
You understand,
(There being no music department
in our branch).
It was the chosen location
For my research,
As it boasted an extensive
Criminology section.
The reason being most
Criminals in this town
Were usually under arrest.
The Underworld not being
Connected in anyway
With the local intelligentsia.

My sojourn had however
Been a wasteful exercise,
Apart from the physicals
In getting there,
As the section had been closed
And pulped to make mail bag.
A bit ironic really.

Back at base,
It was time for a rethink.
I asked Little Luck for a refill,
He let go of my chair
And I suffered a bit of a over spill.
My hand hit the button
Which triggered a fire drill,
And Little luck banged his head
On the window still.
That's why we are visiting
The Hospital.

To be continued . . .

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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