The Days the Rangers Ranged 4

Episode four.

By a strange quirk
My watch had stopped at twenty to eight,
Strange because at that precise time
I was standing in the doorway
Of the downtown bookstore
Named Twenty 2 Eight.
It was like being in Thurso in drag.
What a night.

Thursday usually rained,
Tonight was no different.
I'd forgotten my coat collar
And so the edge of my shirt
Was soaked to my skin.
I found this to be of benefit,
As the cooling effect
Eased my troubled mind
The case was still very much open.
This is not good,
When you are standing
In a doorway,
Tomorrow's laundry
All over the ground.
I'd been away just three nights.
Still on the plus side, this dampness
Would make things
Easier to press.
The case was still a mystery.
Very much wide open,
And very open to question,
Mostly from the Chief.

It would be another four hours
Four long hours.
Before Twenty 2 Eight
Would open at nine.
Why I pondered
Is it long hours?
If ever short hours were available
I'm certain they'd be a hit.
Unless you are a resident of death row.

I had left the office alone
As sharing my idea with
Anyone, including Little Luck
May have put my plan in jeopardy.
As Jeopardy was out of state,
I would have had no time
To go and collect it.
So I preferred to keep the plan secret,
Close to my chest.
This strategy was flawed.
The Thursday rain
Had even penetrated through
To my plan.

To be continued . ? ?


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