the corner ground level (2)

Here on the green 
Is where I stood,
With my Mom;
As I set my first memory.
This is my earliest memory
This is where it was.
The road looked too long
For the likes of me.
The green was on the corner.
I was four years old
And I remember;
I had just told 
My inquisitor so.

On The Victory Bridge
Or near it 
Perhap on the Bayou,
I remember the bad words
That I was made to speak 
By older boys.
Being probably only six
I knew nothing of what I was made to speak.
The Pearl Insurance man said to my mom.
"I hope 1962 is a better year for you".
There was a distinctive smell
I may have been his hair oil.

The turn of 1968 felt tragic to me.
It was a sense of us all being doomed.
Had I became adult too soon?
The root of my childhood had been lost.
Blind hope paid out to a future cost.
Careless but true senses sprang up
And cascaded to my feet.
And I was defeated at 12 years old.

© 2014-18 Christopher Thompson  All Right Reserved


  1. Beautifully worded. It is remarkable how such early childhood experiences impregnate our lives. Still wondering about the tragic events in 1968 you describe in this poem. If you were from the US I would relate this to the Vietnam War, Martin Luther King’s assassination… But perhaps you meant something totally different? BTW, you should correct a typo in the second stanza, an s is missing in the first word: “Perhap on the Bayou”, and a second typo in the last one: “Had I became adult too soon?” (change “became” for “become”, past participle).


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