You must now consider

The Strong Self.

It is OK.

In all matters,

It is OK.

Everyone is in.

No need to Dip.

No one is out.

No one ever will be out.

Dipping is unnecessary,

At this time,

Everyone is welcome;

Even the objectionable ones

It’s all of us, OK.

The Strong Self?

The too good

To be kind?

The transients?

Those in the corner


The Millionaires

With slim Camels,

And no needles?

Those with Presidential faces?

The Cops?

The Cops Cooks?

The Cops Crooks?

The Crooked Cops?

A Family men?

The Lodgers?

The closet thieves?

The Strong Self?

And the slow will walk

With their

Rates up,

Their heads up

And their spirits up.

The cousins

Each with their

Ears up.

And bellies will be


Not with grief

Or sorrow

But forgiveness

And wheat

Or whatever you eat.

The Holy

And the Books

Will propose,

That a Strong Self

Gains respect.

The Strong Self


You need

A Strong Self.

And the Strong Self

Is Selfless.

And the Strong Self

Brings hope

For the

Strong Self Future.

(c). 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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