A Meeting with myself.

I was speaking into
My dictation machine;
I therefore refer you to my
Aphorism expressed in a previous tract.
But this I can not
I will not sugar coat.

When, my encounter began.

Oh. . . Welcome,
Do take a seat.

After brief discussion
I summarised thus.

Due diligence is given
To the state of the heart.
I note you are also
Of sound mind.
Your condition begs the question
Why would you willingly and freely,
Enter in to a situation
Where you risk . . .
You risk your own emotions?
And of your own volition
You stake your love?

My encounter was with my other self.
The irrational self.
The other version,
The real me.

I had taken to loving
And wholeheartedly.
My outlook was fine,
My forecast good.
My view was rosy.
My heart danced
My feet missed their beat.
My glasses were coloured,
My love was for Rosie.

How could I be reasoned with?
There was no point
In taking myself aside.
If not already
I would do it.

Below I call. . . 
Head over heels I fall.

© 2018  Christopher Thompson.

"a meeting with myself"  
by Christopher Thompson

This opens with an interruption. Someone/me is in full flow. 
The interruption could be a visitor. A second person seems to be engaged
with which to discuss a matter of some importance. 
The interruption may not be unexpected. 
Perhaps something has been mulling over in the mind for a while.

We are not party to the discussion.

In summary it seems some kind of examination has taken place, and the 
outcome that physical and mental health is fine.
There is however a doubt expressed about why someone would willingly become
emotionally involved with another person. Logic it seems is being defied.
The uncertainty of a relationship is a cause of bemusement.

It is now revealed that the encounter is really a conflict between the 
rational and the irrational self. 
The irrational self wins out in this case. 
Love conquers all.

The message here is emotional entanglement involves a degree of risk. 
It seems illogical to expose oneself to this. However the emotional self 
is a Powerful Self. 
Unfortunately it also seems to lack any sense of self preservation. 

© 2018  Christopher Thompson