Nil by Mouth

Nil by mouth.

I therefore will not speak again.

I must take your words

For I have no voice.

On all matters

I defer.

I listen instead.

In my head,

Cogitation is my domain.

To invent.

To travel and express

The universe.

In Nil by Mouthpiece,

I slap my lips when I smile.

I utter nought.

In listening I gain,

I give nothing of nothing.

Nil by mouth.

I stutter zeros

And Make no sound.

I am as quiet as carpet.

I amass things,

Unspeakable things.

My cashe is gaining weight,

There are more facts

Than figures.

I am lying in wait.

The danger will come

When I reach

For a pen.



Level with


Then no one can say

Of me.

Nil by brain.

Cuneiform I spell out

My lessons.

I suppressed my voice

In preference

To archaic scripting.

Christopher Thompson (c) 2018

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