Broad Shoulders

Should a fork ever appear,
Or when ever a forks appears,
Or if ever a fork appears,
In your way ahead.
At such a juncture
You are at a point in time
Not just a parting of the way.

During this pause,
Take time to listen to Chopin's four Ballades.
This will give benefit
In a number of ways.
Not least
You will have an understanding
Of how bad Chopin must have had it.
The sounds however will enrich you life.

It can be of help in decision making
To wait a while.

Which is the path to follow?
Simple, the voice of the right shoulder says,
You know that people who hesitate are lost.
So Go for it.
A voice of the left shoulder has advice too.
Now will you have to listen again.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Isn't the third Ballade the best?
Make your choice and make it well.
Proceed without caution
You are on the right path.

Should a bridge ever appear,
Or when ever a bridge appears,
Or if ever a bridge appears,
In your way ahead...

© 2018 Christopher Thompson