If God is a Mere Polymath

If God is a  Mere Polymath

And God made humankind,

Has humankind

Always been Merely Monomorphic?



God being Exochronic, that is existing outside of chronology,

Beyond time or out of reach.

Reason, leds on to Reasoning,

Then there is Ontological argument, consider.

Accept or Reject?


Tick the following boxers that apply to you.

Then tock all other(s) which do not.

Reap, Linear, Cyclical, Northern.

Love, Limp, Language,

Singularity, Collapse. Big Crunch, Code, Science!


Science or séance?

You deride, you decide.


© 2018 Christopher Thompson  All Right Reserved


2 thoughts on “If God is a Mere Polymath

  1. You are really a very strong poet.
    I might not be a vivid reader now, but after a long time I read a poem that instigated questions about form of thought, questions on flow of deductions, and perception of selves and what we accept. Very interesting language, very.


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