Why Do You Love Me So?

Insignificant as I am,

My Corona

Slips to a jollty degree.

My halo chokes me.

And I immediately,

Begin to love


I have laid sight of beauty

Once before

And let it away.

But nothing so captivating

As You.

And your lip,

It is similar in texture

To the canvascape

Of The Gallery.

A place that

Floods the brow.

In the absence of breath

The viewer is astounded.

As I am with you.

And I would

Walk to be with you,

Even as the journey

Would bring me

To my sleeves.

And I see you

Just as you are,

Eye perfect.

And I enquire of you

Why do you love me so?

[C] 2018 Christopher Thompson.

Rapid Poetry.

Written in England, begun 10.30pm – ended 11.46pm July 28th 2018