There is no intrigue here,

My narrative delights you
With its simplicity.
Know you are perfectly loved.

My message unfolds
From these layers of grace.
Like emerging petals or whispers.
By the joy you feel within, know you are loved.

You do have worth,
Which is Out of this World.
And you will stand in highest regard.
Because your pattern has been set by my hand.

You have within you
My reflection, my breath, my life,
You have my direction to follow.
And I have placed you near to me

You are more precious to me
Than any Universal See.

No spark,
No bang,
No storm of stars.
No fission or fusion can ever explain,
No number of reasonings or philosophising,
No man made mistakes
Or acts can ever give true account,
Or test me,
Or explain me
Or catch me
Or refuse me
Or chase my Nebula.

Our search is for you.
You have only to know me
And I will give you your world.
That is the expanse of my love.

©2018 Christopher Thompson All Rights Reserved

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