Whyz Space Bent?

Why is it

Again, I struggle to breathe this oxygen,

This dust and rubber and plastic?

The tree brings me my story,

And as if to bark upon itself,

It is consuming it’s own pulp, as fiction.

The early TV hacks are coughing too,

As they breathe new life

Into the ionosphere?

They laugh down at the lowly Papers.

Whilst the Web watches on,

And plots to steal their Thunder.

As in turn will Alphaomega.

In the new cashless epoch,

Where AI will become dominant.

Daily we wave ourselves to servitude.

As we hoch our lives in our RF homes,

We live for the benefit of the incorporated ones.

Ad infinitum.

To those of interest

Pay that payday loan, long and beyond.

I am struggling to consume Oxygen

Standing the queue of the giver of life.

But this is where I will trade my vote.

This is where I can use my sway

On those with it all to prove.

Here in this deceitful booth.

From the combined havester,

To The Algorithmic Fear,

When you have counted the cost, everyone’s lost.

You may Baffle the learned

Give the plebians a wrong steer,

Just stating the obvious, never being clear.

So my observations are ready to be sent,

But there is still this unanswered question,

Whyz Space bent?

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson.