Entrails and Roots

It’s a busy life. For pioneers it is busier still. They are the early birds who catch the worm, the ground breakers, the movers and shakers. Whilst everyone can not be included in that set, for sure, everyone makes a difference, makes a contribution. Everyone is a child. Merely arriving made a difference. So everone has a point.

It follows that everyone has a point of view. Seeing, hearing, listening, taste, touch smell, thinking, all centre on consciousness. These senses give experience to existence. An accumulation of experiences amount to knowledge. Knowledge supports reason and reason makes sense of living. The evaluation of reason supports opinion. Everyone posesses a point of view as an unavoidable, inevitable outcome of living. So each of us is living our life through the perspective of what has or hasn’t impacted our time. Now as time itself is the linear passage of decernable moments, our outlook is modifed moment by moment. Life is in a constant state of flux. For us change is the norm. No wonder then that describing life is very easy. Which of our moments was memorable? How to choose?

Essayists give order to such description, as do journalists, novelists, academics et al. Trained in the craft, given skill they make good efforts to express various viewpoints.However all this is rather “long handed”. There is a requirement for a short hand of expression, of interpretation. Such shorthand is found in poetry. Everyone is a poet. If you can convey your meaning using words as arrows, you are a poet. You have the means of expression and someone will make a connection. Its not magic, though it is magical.

If you are fortunate to appreciate a poem, if your moment has been illuminated, you will have a view point. It will be within. The question is will you share it?

Poetry can be a prompt to discussion, or it can just be an element of understanding. A realisation that another person thinks or expresses words about a subject that is relivent to you. It can evoke a sort of subconscious nod of approval, by way of acknowledgement of something agreed upon. In a word appreciation.

At the core of Art is a sense of connection by the recipient. Variously described as being moved, or touched, this sense of connection is the fundamental reactive reception of and to Artistic works.

It is this root which is sort after by the scribe. The poet has a longing to be understood. The work is a short circuit of the soul. The wonder is that individuals are able to bridge with eachother through written or spoken word, targeted and delivered by arrows of abstract thinking, pounding on the pages and senses of ordinary busy people..