Event Horizon

Tell the young

This is all that life teaches;

Nothing stays as it is now,

Nothing or no one.

Nothing here, there, any or everywhere.

Change is not on the way.

Change is in constant arrival.

And next and next and next,

Here and here and here and here,

Do you follow?

Change is happening within this instance,

Here today, now and now and now.

It is as inevitable,

As it is unenviable.

Change knows no tomorrow.

Nothing removes the future,

Nothing can relive the future.

The present eats the future.

Do you follow to the arrow?

Change changes quickly,

And the smart ones observe it.

Understanding change is another matter.

Undeniably physically effective,

Change remains intangible.

It does exist, you can sense it.

Change is in motion

Taking all with it.

The key is to accept this as fact.

Tell the young

To have no fear of change.

And learn when to release.

There are others coming through.

Give them their chance.

©️2018 Christopher Thompson.