Truncation, life and its little short cuts.

This is historical fact.

Imagine for a moment it is 1973. An auspicious year for me.  Not like the turn of 1968, when consumed with an awful dread I entered another of my early years, sad. But 1973 held promise and I faced forward in positive mood,  well for the most part, positive. Here was a time which was predawn of our present communicative era. Who, alive then, would have considered it possible, that there would so soon come a time, when young people would not be able to interpret a clock face, and yet have such mastery of code? Regardless of this, who alive then, if offered the chance to worm-hole to the present, would have refused the trip?

It is true I am something of that so politically  incorrect time. We, who lived with the Doomsday Clock at two minutes to midnight, are if nothing else able to take the measured view that what will be, will be. I have struggled to escape the Chronos of the doomsday clock. As such I consider myself as something of a Poly Vinyl, a natural analogue and not in the least digital. I do however have a good perspective on the reality of life, being somewhat Chronic. I am though quietly realistic in this increasingly virtual world. I do not inhabit a time warp and am indeed very present.  Is this uncomfortable?  Yes sometimes, but for the most I embrace the here and now, acknowledging the need and how of life. This preamble has gone on far too long and so to the nub.

Back then, even science fiction didn’t imagine the reality of today.  None of the most advanced thinkers, save for Steve Jobs, had any incling of what the near future was bringing.

TV Tennis anyone? What a stupid question? There was no such thing as seeing facts or anything like that. other than those on the printed page. Well it’s true, TV was available to most homes. But data, even little, tiny data was unheard of. What has become main stream today wasn’t even a trickle in the early 1970’s of my youth.

You must be having a laugh. You’re telling me that you have in your hand a clock, a calender, a diary, a notebook, a full library, encyclopaedia, an adding machine,   telephone, compass, thermometer, torch, translator? And that it will hold a conversation with you? Look as far as I am concerned, someone hacs got to be out looking for you.

That is how ridiculously advanced technology has become.

So the answers are available. The questions simply have to be formulated. No one needs to worry, right?

©️2018 Christopher Thompson.

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