Jibber, Jibber Your Resources

Jibber, jibber,

Are you

A gram or a hollowoman-man?

Or are you a trick, a trick of the light perhaps?

There is no reason to size your answer or rank yourself.

Importance, significance and all that is reckoned on;

Are meaningless here in Sleep.

All things which must have passed

Have passed. (Correctly stated George).

And it has happened all before this latest arrival, here at this instance, this now.

Now we are living in the now


Are you a bit more rounded?

Do you feel, as it were, unedged?

This is asked not in any anatomical way, but still. . .

Yes, you answer, shaped as a person,

I’m someone you can call on.

Dependable, “you got a friendable”.

Ultimately it needed to be yes.

This gains us both,

Yet another tick against the category,

The reasons to be alive.

A positive stroke then?

In the world of service. Yes.

For in the world of good service

It bodes well to remember

“Service is a Feelings World ”.


Not a dig at the old school?

Not, well in the sense of Alma Mater, No.

More in the sense of belonging.

More in the sense of kinship.

It’s  more a knowing and valuing.

A warming, like a glow.

it’s More than box ticking.

It’s More than mere  candle wicking.

It’s More than using up.

More than constant consuming.


it’s about unbranded understanding and

Unbrandex love.

It’s improving the life experience of those you meet along the way.

And the reason is?

We are all moving along the same way.

From conception up to death

We are all trapped in our Common Biology.

All of us democratically existing in time.

The pauper and the President share the same span of an hour,

Only the number of allocated hours to each differs.

Time therefore  is the most Democratic Of Resources.

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