In the instance of a Marines blink

In the instance of a Marines blink

His eye lash, his iris.

The splitting of a second,

The fettle of a finger

His eye of a Tiger.

The barrel and the laughs.

His holding of breath,.

The scene which is set

Has a lasting effect.

Then there is the smell of the metal,

Or is it his fear?.

The cold of the calculating.

This smell lingers for life.

His eye lid has yet to move.

His lens and his focus,

The target the practice.

His honour and his glory?

No his, survival.

The job, the duty is done.

The steadying hand of the Marine.

The held breath,

His love of his family.

The kitten and

His dog.

The bush and his burning love.

 His simple choice,

His crumpled kiss goodbye.

The Mid West and not wanting to die.

In this instance his blink and the flash.

The Marines took this his first shot at death.

He will live this moment over and over.

And today he is 82.

Then and today he is 18.

Christopher Thompson.

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