If I Come Singing

If I come singing
It will be
As dew on grass,
Although ephemeral
I will not be gone.
Even though the sun
May take my rising,
And share it with the moon.
I shall never be gone.

For loves desire
Lives in the moonlight.
Then every morning
I will return,
Then again in all seasons too.
Giving you verses
To turn your heart.
So tuning it to mine,
By singing of my love.

I will adorn you
With my sweet notes,
Notes of the joy of life.
With the flower petals
Of my melody,
I will present you,
With the gifts of song,
To be within my music,
To be your heart’s contentment,

And I will fly
My love across to you.
Thus being of and in the very
Air you breathe,
Everywhere and everyone
Will know my songs are Gills.



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