Ripple on a Pool

Write, So here I thought, here is where I can talk. However, Then there nothing doing. This is A swirling, emptying spot, It is my drain. Draining my senses, Welling up my drained mood. And no one comes this way, Ever. And alone, For more than one week. I chryis cross These pages of envy, … Continue reading Ripple on a Pool


Here is another which is Not to be a red letter day. Nothing bold or elaborate, Nothing eye catching Or outstanding. At the edge of this paragraph Only the ordinary can be seen, Because nothing else is due. Here is another which is Not to be a blood letter day. Nothing to hold or corroborate, … Continue reading Expectation?


If lifes' time lines can be described as a lattice work, then many crossroads will be encountered. If life is considered as a series of chance meetings, then therein many choices must be made. This would preclude any notion of zeros or hours. If time is life and life takes a lifetime to live, there … Continue reading ZERO HOUR?

Nineteen Stones.

Today I weighed in Much as a beached whale might. Full nineteen as a stone, Not in the least As The Neolithic, Or a Druid. I and bone, I am not young and sinue. I tread a withered weathered path. Heavy handed and with tongue. Today I weighed on scales Today I changed. Christopher Thompson … Continue reading Nineteen Stones.

Routes detention, determination events.

Life in it's busy and rich route defies free will.Thus there is little to challenge timeAnd all that time envelopes.There are those of us who are heat proof,Others of us destined for doom.All of us however are to be detained Until the final event.None pick their way.Not one in life.Determination is after the fact, everything.And … Continue reading Routes detention, determination events.